Emergency Monitoring Pendants | Care For Your Loved Ones

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Emergency Monitoring Pendants | Care For Your Loved Ones

Care For Your Loved Ones

Australia's growing aged population deserves the best care.  Independent living and freedom are important and both can be achived with a high level of safety and security with modern  emergency alarm pendant systems.

This website has been designed to provide information on high quality emergency alarm pendant systems.  These emergency pendants are designed and manufactured by CareTech to enable the aged community to be more self sufficient simultaneously providing them with extra security in their own home.


How It Works

While at home the wireless emergency or call pendant is worn by the person and if at any time an emergency event occurs the call or alarm pendant is pressed and our CarePhone medical alarm dialer then calls help.

Help can be provided in many forms either the medical alarm phone (CarePhone) can be programmed to dial a series of emergency telephone numbers from a family members home or mobile number to a call or care monitoring centre. Having the CarePhone selft monitored by family members is a great cost saving.

Emergency Pendants can be worn in different ways. CareTech has designed the alarm pendant to be used as a necklace pendant or watch style, belt clip style and a special sensitive button attachment for those with arthritis and other problems not allowing any strength to push the "call pendant". CareTech also has a pendant pillow alarm for totally incapacitated people.


High Quality, Durable Construction

The CareTech call pendant is also IP-64 rated which means that the call button is fully water-proof being able to be worn in shower and in a swimming pool or while you simply wash the dishes. The emergency button is designed to be worn 24/7 and never taken off. The unique Swedish design of all our buttons enables you to swap from necklace to watch or belt clip very easily and quickly.

The new CareIP™ VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) medical alarm dialer manufactured by CareTech uses SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) - a standard signaling protocol, widely used for setting up and disconnecting communication sessions such as voice and video calls over the Internet. The CareIP™ emergency dialer connects directly via the internet or any Ethernet connection even a local LAN. In this mode you have added security as each device regularly polls back to the monitoring centre at no cost. read more about VoIP nurse Call.